Look behind the scenes of Twin Peaks Season 3

Tantalising look behind the scenes in Twin Peaks 2017

All has been rather quiet on the Twin Peaks 2017 front for a while now. Except for the publication of Mark Frost’s book, there’s been much mystery surrounding the forthcoming Twin Peak third season.     Until yesterday, that is. The official Twin Peaks Facebook page posted a short video showing a little insight into the actors’ thoughts […]

Angelo Badalementi returning for Twin Peaks season 3

Twin Peaks theme music composer Angelo Badalamenti returns

Like us, I bet that Twin Peaks theme music gave you the shivers every time you heard it. It’s the ethereal & haunting precursor to another fascinating episode. And Showtime have released a short teaser trailer showing its composer, Angelo Badalamenti, playing that amazing piece of music over some essentially Peaks-esque imagery. If this doesn’t […]

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes

Twin Peaks Laura Palmer Halloween Costume

Laura Palmer – Twin Peaks Halloween Costume This month, we’ve helping you out with outfit ideas for your Twin Peaks Halloween costumes, focusing on one character at a time. In this post, we’re going for a Twin Peaks Laura Palmer Halloween costume, for the beautiful & mysterious nymphet. We’ll show you how to pull off her […]

Twin Peaks Killer Bob Halloween costume

Twin Peaks Killer Bob Halloween costume

Twin Peaks BOB Halloween Costume BOB, or Killer Bob, is an evil spirit who inhabits Leland Palmer, Laura’s father, and drives him to kill her. Possibly a man who knew Leland Palmer as a child, Bob has inhabited him ever since.     He thrives on forcing his vessel to commit brutal acts such as rape […]

Twin Peaks Log Lady Halloween costume

Twin Peaks Log Lady Halloween Costume

The Log Lady – Twin Peaks Halloween Costume The most tongue-in-cheek (and probably most comfortable) of our Twin Peaks outfits series is the Log Lady Halloween costume. The beloved and mysterious Log Lady had an intriguing epithet for the start of Twin Peaks episodes, and always gave us the impression that her log know whodunnit.   […]

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes

Twin Peaks Shelly Johnson Halloween Costume

Shelly Johnson – Twin Peaks Halloween Costume Shelly may start off as the bullied wife of the misogynist criminal Leo Johnson, but by the end, she & Bobby Briggs are having the time of their lives. Her most recognisable outfit is her Double R Diner waitress uniform. I suggest you just accessorise with some large earrings […]

Twin Peaks T-shirts

Twin Peaks Welcome to Twin Peaks Adult T-shirt
Agent Cooper Twin Peaks T-Shirt
Twin Peaks Owl Cave Map T Shirt
Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me Adult T-shirt
Double Peaks Non-Exist-Ent Graphic Tee – Adult