Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes

Twin Peaks Audrey Horne Halloween Costume

Audrey Horne – Twin Peaks Halloween Costume So, next in our series of Twin Peaks-inspired seasonal outfits is the Audrey Horne Halloween costume. Audrey Horne is the character girls want to be, and guys want to have. Her flirtatious charm & coquettish behaviour get her what she wants – whether it’s a job at her […]

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes

Twin Peaks Special Agent Dale Cooper Halloween Costume

Special Agent Dale Cooper – Halloween Costume If you’re looking for a classy, clever yet comfy costume, we’ve got it sussed for your Special Agent Dale Cooper Halloween costume. He’s the interloper in Twin Peaks, however he makes friends with almost everyone. Agent Cooper is a super fan of cherry pie and coffee ‘as black as midnight on […]

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes

Twin Peaks Sheriff Harry Truman Halloween Costume

Sheriff Truman – Twin Peaks Halloween Costume There’s only one competitor for Dale Cooper’s crown as most handsome man in Twin Peaks: Sheriff Harry S. Truman. He’s the Watson to Coop’s Sherlock, pragmatic and sensible. Whilst he doesn’t necessarily understand Agent Cooper’s unusual methodologies, he respects the other lawman and the two men immediately hit […]

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes

Twin Peaks Maddy Ferguson Halloween Costume

Maddy Ferguson – Twin Peaks Halloween Costume A great alternative option for your Twin Peaks outfit is a Maddy Ferguson Halloween costume. Maddy (or Madeleine) Ferguson was Laura’s cousin, who looked mysteriously like her… Except she had huge spectacles, brown hair and was less inclined to sleep around and do lots of drugs.     She […]

Twin Peaks Posters

Twin Peaks Canvas Wall Art – 12″ x 16″
Twin Peaks Tarot Card Poster – 12×18
Twin Peaks Wanted BOB Poster 12×18″
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Movie Poster (1992)
Twin Peaks Agent Dale Cooper – Original Art Poster Print