Do Not Ever Disturb Before 9am: In Memory of Harry Dean Stanton

In Memory of Harry Dean Stanton In Memory of Harry Dean Stanton: Here at Back To Twin Peaks, we were greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Harry Dean Stanton at the grand old age of 91 late on Friday, September 15th, 2017. Stanton is a Lynch alumnus with appearances in Wild at Heart, […]

WTF Just Happened In Twin Peaks? – Season 3 Finale Special

Our Guide to Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 17 & 18 Now that we have regained our balance after having the rug firmly pulled out from under us by the final, controversial moments of Twin Peaks: The Return, it’s time try and make a little sense of just WTF was going in this season’s beguiling […]

Mr C Halloween costume

Twin Peaks Mr. C Halloween Costume

Twin Peaks Mr C Halloween Costume We’re so excited to be updating our super popular Halloween outfit articles with characters from the return. Let’s kick off with our Mr C Halloween costume. He’s the guy we all love to hate – twisted, dark (figuratively and literally) and the antithesis of all that is our beloved Coop. […]

Highlights From Executive Producer Sabrina Sutherland’s Reddit Q&A

Twin Peaks Executive Producer Sabrina Sutherland Opens Up on Reddit: “I Am 100% Satisfied With The Film As-Is”   As we all know, the final curtain came down last Sunday. Our favorite show is over, but undoubtedly it will keep “the conversation lively” for the years to come. People are still debating over the ambiguous […]


Reaction to Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 17 & 18   In just two hours of television that was equal measures of scintillating and mystifying, Twin Peaks third and perhaps final season simultaneously managed to complete and destroy itself. Duplicity has always been the overriding theme to Lynch & Frost’s small town symphony of the […]

WTF Just Happened in Twin Peaks? – Season 3 Episode 16

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 16 ‘No Knock, No Doorbell’ Recap Although “officially” we have two more episodes yet to go in The Return since the remaining two will be shown back to back (just like the first two episodes were), Episode 16 – ‘No Knock, No Doorbell’ – essentially marks the point of no […]

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Laura Palmer (Trading Card) 1991 Twin Peaks – Autographed
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with me – Original Movie Poster
Madeleine Ferguson (Trading Card) 1991 Twin Peaks – Autographed