Twin Peaks Soundtrack

5 Twin Peaks Music Covers You Shouldn’t Miss

“There’s always music in the air”: 5 Twin Peaks Music Covers You Shouldn’t Miss   “Where we’re from, the birds sing a pretty song and there’s always music in the air”. This is one of the cryptic messages spoken by The Man From Another Place (or The Arm, if you prefer) during one of the […]

Angelo Badalementi returning for Twin Peaks season 3

Twin Peaks theme music composer Angelo Badalamenti returns

Like us, I bet that Twin Peaks theme music gave you the shivers every time you heard it. It’s the ethereal & haunting precursor to another fascinating episode. And Showtime have released a short teaser trailer showing its composer, Angelo Badalamenti, playing that amazing piece of music over some essentially Peaks-esque imagery. If this doesn’t […]

Twin Peaks Posters

Twin Peaks Canvas Wall Art – 12″ x 16″
Twin Peaks Tarot Card Poster – 12×18
Twin Peaks Wanted BOB Poster 12×18″
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Movie Poster (1992)
Twin Peaks Agent Dale Cooper – Original Art Poster Print