Between Two Worlds: Perspectives on Twin Peaks

Between Two Worlds: Perspectives on Twin Peaks


From the virtual pages of renowned film site One Perfect Shot, writer H. Perry Horton has collected 17 original essays that delve into the mystery and intrigue of David Lynch and Mark Frost's cult-TV series TWIN PEAKS.

Topics include the influence of Film Noir on the series, the influence of pop icon Marilyn Monroe on the character of Laura Palmer, the loves of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, the literary inspirations for The White and Black Lodges, themes of duality, the symbolism of water, of food, and many more. Also included is one of the most extensive episode guides in existence, a guide to the prequel FIRE WALK WITH ME, and a separate section of essays devoted to how the latter film expands the TWIN PEAKS mythology. Written for the novice and the fanatic alike, BETWEEN TWO WORLDS offers a path through the darkness of TWIN PEAKS and illuminates why it is, as noted in the introduction, the dawn of television's Golden Age.

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