The Troublesome Terminology of Twin Peaks

The Troublesome Terminology of Twin Peaks The terminology of Twin Peaks is both wonderful and strange. It can also be downright confusing and contradictory too as it perpetually shifts and transforms. When authoring the extensive Episode Summaries of Season 3 for Back To Twin Peaks, there were several terms and names that seemed to be […]

Twin Peaks Season 4 is a Possibility, But is it Necessary?

David Lynch Says Twin Peaks Season 4 is Possible. Twin Peaks Season 4 is a Possibility… Last week, while being interviewed at his photo exhibition “Small Stories”  in Serbia, David Lynch gave us the first real indication that Season 4 maybe more than just wishful thinking. While it was far from a cast-iron commitment from […]

5 Plot Threads Left Dangling in Twin Peaks: The Return

5 Plot Threads Left Dangling in Twin Peaks: The Return In a recent interview, David Lynch stated: “What matters is what you believe happened. Many things in life just happen and we have to come to our own conclusions”. This is probably the reason why many sub-journeys throughout the main journey never got a closure […]

The Supernatural Locations of Twin Peaks

8 Supernatural Twin Peaks Locations An in-depth look into the Supernatural locations of Twin Peaks. “There’s a sort of evil out there. Something very, very strange in these old woods” Sheriff Truman says after being told about Cooper’s surreal dream in season 1. He’s  right indeed: there’s something very strange in Twin Peaks.     Whether […]

Twin Peaks Fan Theories

Create Your Own Twin Peaks Fan Theories

Twin Peaks: Half Baked Cherry Pie Although David Lynch insists we should “look at the donut, not the hole” when watching Twin Peaks: The Return, it’s not always easy to retain that focus when -like the deep-fried snack itself- it is the “hole” that makes Twin Peaks so distinctive. And it is these deliberate cavities […]

Real Twin Peaks and Laura Palmer’s House

Completing Our Tour Around The Real Twin Peaks Last week, we embarked upon a tour around the Real Twin Peaks – North Bend, Washington. Our guide is North Bend resident Casey Stanton, who kindly agreed to share his collection of photos and videos with us. Make sure to check out our previous article on the […]

Twin Peaks Posters

Twin Peaks Canvas Wall Art – 12″ x 16″
Twin Peaks Tarot Card Poster – 12×18
Twin Peaks Wanted BOB Poster 12×18″
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Movie Poster (1992)
Twin Peaks Agent Dale Cooper – Original Art Poster Print