5 Plot Threads Left Dangling in Twin Peaks: The Return

5 Plot Threads Left Dangling in Twin Peaks: The Return

In a recent interview, David Lynch stated: “What matters is what you believe happened. Many things in life just happen and we have to come to our own conclusions”.

This is probably the reason why many sub-journeys throughout the main journey never got a closure or resolution in a proper sense. None of us actually expected a linear, tied-up plot… and, in fact, we didn’t get one. As unfulfilling as it seems, it’s up to us to fill in the gaps. In other words, unless we see either a fourth season or bonus material in the newly-announced box set, our favorite characters’ fates are to be solely imagined.



What happened to Audrey? What about Steven and Becky? And what about Shelley’s relationship with Red? Here are 5 sub-plots we never got to see resolved.



After her “dreamy” dance in episode 16, we briefly see a shocked Audrey in front of a mirror, with no make-up on, in a bright white room. Where she is or what happened to her is unknown.



An unseen character named Linda is briefly mentioned in episode 6. We know that she lives at the New Fat Trout Trailer Park and she is in a wheelchair. Nothing else is known about her. Whether she is somehow related to the now-famous Fireman’s warning, we’ll never find out.

3 – WHO IS THE “119” WOMAN?


She lives in Vegas. Her only line is “119!”. She’s a drug addict mother of one. What’s her role in the story? Is she Lodge-related? No explanations were given.




Last time we saw her, she had just discovered her husband Steven cheating. A few episodes later, Steven is crying in the woods, holding a gun. Gersten Hayward is trying to reassure him. It is implied that either Becky committed suicide or she was shot by her husband.



Having divorced Bobby, Shelley is now in a relationship with Red, a shady drug dealer, and magician. Besides a tender kiss, no further development was provided for their storyline.


What do you think? Did you get frustrated not to see these plots resolved? Let us know! Feel free to leave a comment, share and like. Thank you!

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