5 Twin Peaks Season 3 Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Twin Peaks Season 3 - Top 5 Fan Theories

Deciphering The Code: 5 Twin Peaks Season 3 Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a confused newbie, there is one thing you must always keep in mind when it comes to Twin Peaks: “the owls are not what they seem”. Everything is there for a purpose, no matter how weird, bizarre or puzzling it looks. Yes, the characters are often quirky. Sure, some scenes linger on the verge of (apparent) pointlessness. But there’s always a deeper meaning beyond all of this.



The key to access this deeper meaning are clues. And the clues are scattered everywhere… literally! It’s pretty much like a code, and the rule is simple: you crack the code, you understand what happens.


Twin Peaks Season 3 - Top 5 Fan Theories

Blue Roses & Creamed Corn

In other words, if you watch the show in a casual way you probably won’t get why everyone seems so concerned about blue roses or creamed corn. In fact, you’d be solely scratching the surface. Actually, many viewers happen to approach Twin Peaks this way: hence all the frustration, the WTF’s and the “OMG! Why is it so weird?”. However, if you dig a little deeper, you will find things that you didn’t notice before. One thing leads to another. You start to connect the dots. The events unfold in a different light. And, in the end, you’ll realize that nothing is ever what it seems.



It’s not surprising then that the Twin Peaks fandom spends hours re-watching episodes, analyzing each odd frame over and over again, sometimes spiralling down rabbit holes (“It’s about the bunnies”, isn’t it?) and often bumping into red herrings. It makes perfect sense to focus on a 2-minute sequence involving a man silently sweeping a floor, or to break down a dialogue about the right color of the living room chairs. This endless search for clues has been leading to a great amount of speculation. This constant longing to understand has been raising questions and sparking theories. Some of these theories have turned out to be wrong. Some are yet to find validation. Whatever the case, here are 5 Twin Peaks fan theories that will blow your mind. 

1. Dougie’s family is manufactured too

Twin Peaks S03 Episodes 1 - 4 - Dougie


As you probably know, (the good) Dale Cooper swaps his existence with Douglas “Dougie” Jones’ upon escaping the Lodge. This implies that Cooper takes over Dougie’s life, whereas Dougie takes Cooper’s place inside the Red Room. And while Cooper is busy winning the jackpot and meeting both Dougie’s wife Janey-E and their son Sonny Jim, Dougie is warned by Philip Gerard (a.k.a. The One-Armed Man) that he was “manufactured for a purpose” and that “the purpose is now fulfilled”. How he was manufactured – or by whom – is yet to be found out. These are facts. But what if Dougie’s family was manufactured as well?



We know that little Sonny Jim is known to act strangely every now and then, blinking backwards and even mimicking “old” Cooper’s actions (thumb up and teeth brushing, for example). Janey-E, on the other hand, seems to be focused more on living a quiet and normal life than worrying about her husband’s odd behavior. Besides, their names sound somewhat off. Janey-E. Dougie… or maybe Doug-E? And Sonny, or Son-E. Is that final E some sort of trademark?

2. The Box events and the Mauve Zone events mirror each other


If you’ve checked out the video above, you’ll understand what we’re talking about. We know that the two scenes unfold simultaneously. But there are some deeper correlations between them, as if they mirrored each other when synced. Cooper appears in the box in the exact moment Tracey claims that “He’s not here, no one is here”. Both Sam and the eyeless woman (a.k.a. Naido) tell the other person to be quiet.



The creature inside the box (a.k.a. “Mother”, a.k.a. the scary figure related in The Secret History Of Twin Peaks) breaks through and attacks the couple as Cooper gets a shock. Does this mean anything? Is the famous Fire Walk With Me line “Intercourse between the two worlds” somehow related? Is Naido the “magician [who] longs to see”? Who is “Mother” and why is it so interested in killing Sam and Tracey? But, more importantly, “is it future or is it past?”.

3. The 1956 girl is actually a young Sarah Palmer

Twin Peaks Season 3 - Top 5 Fan Theories


This is probably the most speculative theory of all, as there is no real evidence to support it whatsoever… but many believe that Sarah Palmer (Laura’s mother) and the young girl in 1956 are actually one and the same. According to the Twin Peaks Wikia, Mrs. Palmer was born March 3rd, 1945 (3 months before the White Sands nuclear test): this means she would have been 11 in 1956. The girl who appears at the end of episode 8 (she is credited only as “Girl 1956”) looks like she could be just a little older than 11, but what if she really was Sarah Palmer? It would explain Sarah’s special ability to foresee tragic events, as the girl was affected by the Lodge-created frog-like creature. Not to mention Mrs. Palmer’s vision of the white horse… “the horse is the white of the eyes” after all, isn’t it?

4. There’s a secret code hidden in the flickering plane windows


There’s nothing much to say about this. Check out the video above and notice how the plane windows flicker on and off. This sequence is from episode 7 and is driving everyone crazy! What we know is that the shot is made of exactly 135 frames and that the plane depicted is a Gulfstream G450. Within the context of the show, it is the FBI plane taking Gordon, Tammy, Albert and Diane to South Dakota. People are still trying to decipher what it means. Is it a Morse code? Does it carry a particular meaning? Or is it just Lynch poking fun at viewers?

5. Laura Palmer will be Cooper’s wake-up call

Twin Peaks Season 3 - Top 5 Fan Theories


Cooper is currently living Dougie’s life as a catatonic shadow of his former self. He needs to “wake up”, as the One-Armed Man warns him. And who better than Laura could wake him up? Laura was virtually where Agent Cooper “left off” in the real world 25 years ago. Besides, someone managed to isolate the message she whispers in his ear in episode 2. Listen to this audio sample. The exact words are not clear, but apparently she says something like: “Don’t assume nobody can spot your dark suit off without me”. Will we see Laura again? Will she bring Agent Cooper back from his “non-existence” state?


What do you think of these theories? Do you want to discuss them or do you agree with them? Or maybe do you want to share yours? Feel free to leave a comment, share or like.

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