All You Need to Prepare Yourself for the Twin Peaks Season 3 Premiere

Twin Peaks Season 3 Premier

Prepare for Twin Peaks Season 3 Premiere

The long awaited return of Twin Peaks is now so close we can start counting it in hours. The excitement surrounding the premiere is now becoming palpable for what will undoubtedly be one of the television events of the year!

Our short guide on all things Twin Peaks to get you ready for the Season 3 Premiere

Are you still wondering what all the fuss is about or do you need to remind yourself of the events of the first two seasons (they were 25 years ago after all)? Then we’ve prepared a short guide on all things Twin Peaks to get you ready for the upcoming season 3 premiere.


Twin Peaks Season 3 Premier


When & Where?

Perhaps the most important info to give you is when and where you can see the start of Twin Peaks season 3. Rather wonderfully, the premiere will be broadcast simultaneously this Sunday (21st May) in both the US and the UK. The show is returning at 9pm EST on Showtime in the US and 2am Monday on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

For UK viewers who don’t want to indulge in a damn fine cup of coffee to stay up to see in the new season, Sky Atlantic will be showing the 2-hour long episode again on Tuesday 23rd May at 9 pm. Lucky viewers in the US will be able to stream two further episodes after the premiere has aired.

Season 3 will last a marathon 18 weekly episodes, with the finale screening in September this year.


Twin Peaks Season 3 Premier


First Time in Town?

With season three’s plot details being kept tightly under wraps, it’s currently hard to gauge how much prior experience of the show will be required before watching the new season. And, with only mere days to go before it begins, it’s unlikely you’ll have the time to get through the first two seasons if you’ve never taken a trip to Twin Peaks before.

Never fear, we have already prepared our very own comprehensive and illuminating Beginner’s Guide to quickly orientate you to the town, people, and themes of Twin Peaks. Our guide is specifically written for newcomers and is replete with bluffer’s tips to keep you in the conversation and a spoiler section if you want to skip to the end, or you can avoid it if you want to explore the mystery yourself one day.



Next up, those culture vultures over at IGN have put together a marvelous video summation that will bring you up to speed with all the significant events in Twin Peaks to date, including the movie prequel Fire Walk With Me. This coffee-break length compendium is loaded with spoilers but it is ideal for both beginners and returning Peaksies who need their memory refreshed.

Finally, if you want to avoid spoilers altogether and just get into the mood for the return of television’s most enigmatic show then we’ve also written this fun guide to immerse yourself further into Twin Peaks.


Further Reading

If you’re feeling more adventurous or curious and want to cram in as much Twin Peaks expertise as possible before Special Agent Dale Cooper & Co return,  then the encyclopedic Twin Peaks Wiki provides an exhaustive source of reference for the show.

Also, we have compiled of the 5 Must See Twin Peaks Fan Sites (other than our own, of course) to fully immerse yourself in every aspect of Twin Peaks from behind the scenes details to predictions and news about the new episodes.


Twin Peaks Season 3 Premier


And lastly, one shouldn’t forget David Lynch’s Fire Walk With Me: the divisive feature film that explores the last seven days of Laura Palmer’s life. Rumours recently abounded that season 3 will be taking several cues from the prequel so we gave it a fresh and spoiler filled assessment in our retrospective review to help figure out WTF was going on in Lynch’s explicit and even more surreal take on the Twin Peaks mythology.


Twin Peaks Season 3 Premier

We hope this gives you all you need to prepare yourself for the biggest event in Twin Peaks for a quarter of a century. And please don’t forget to like and share.

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