The Real-Life Twin Peaks - Laura's Shore

An Exclusive Tour Around the Real Twin Peaks – Part 1

A Tour Around The Real Twin Peaks Join Casey Stanton, a North Bend resident as he takes us on a guided tour around the real Twin Peaks, including: The Great Northern Hotel, The Roadhouse, an exclusive look inside Laura Palmer’s house and much more… Twin Peaks is the ultimate prototype of your average small town. […]

Twin Peaks Season 3 - Top 5 Fan Theories

5 Twin Peaks Season 3 Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Deciphering The Code: 5 Twin Peaks Season 3 Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a confused newbie, there is one thing you must always keep in mind when it comes to Twin Peaks: “the owls are not what they seem”. Everything is there for a purpose, no matter […]


NOT ALL FANS ARE BEING BLOWN AWAY BY SEASON 3 Twin Peaks’ most recent episode “Gotta Light?” was both a literal and figurative bombshell for the series and fans alike. Critics immediately lavished praise on the episode as a watershed moment in primetime television that has potentially not only re-written rules for the show but […]

Twin Peaks Season 3 Premier

All You Need to Prepare Yourself for the Twin Peaks Season 3 Premiere

Prepare for Twin Peaks Season 3 Premiere The long awaited return of Twin Peaks is now so close we can start counting it in hours. The excitement surrounding the premiere is now becoming palpable for what will undoubtedly be one of the television events of the year! Our short guide on all things Twin Peaks to […]

Twin Peaks Seaons 3 - That Gum You Like

5 Tips for Getting Ready For Twin Peaks Season 3

With Twin Peaks Season 3 nearly here it makes sense to totally and utterly immerse ourselves in that strange and wonderful world. We have some super-cool (and slightly weird) things you can do every day to enhance your life with a daily dash of Twin Peaks.     5 Tips for Getting Ready for Twin Peaks Season […]

Phot of Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – A Retrospective

Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me It’s difficult to overstate how much hatred Fire With Me Walk managed to summon on its release in 1992. David Lynch’s Twin Peaks prequel got off to a rocky start at the Cannes Film Festival where its final credits were met with howling boos from the audience, but that […]

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