Twin Peaks Season 4 is a Possibility, But is it Necessary?

David Lynch Says Twin Peaks Season 4 is Possible.

Twin Peaks Season 4 is a Possibility… Last week, while being interviewed at his photo exhibition “Small Stories”  in Serbia, David Lynch gave us the first real indication that Season 4 maybe more than just wishful thinking. While it was far from a cast-iron commitment from the auteur to make another season, he did say he wasn’t ruling it out but fans would have to be patient if it was to happen (not a problem, Dave, we managed to wait 25 years for the last one). Of course, the idea of more Twin Peaks will be music to the ears of fans enthralled all over again by The Return, but perhaps we should be careful what we wish for…



The final episode of Season 3 certainly left us with more than a few questions with the deafening shockwave of THAT last scene and the idea that Lynch and Frost could shed a little more light on just what the hell happened in another season is a tantalising one. However, Lynch did have this to say in the same interview:



“What matters is what you believe happened. Many things in life just happen and we have to come to our own conclusions. You can, for example, read a book that raises a series of questions, and you want to talk to the author, but he died a hundred years ago. That’s why everything is up to you.”

This does suggest that for Lynch, at least, his work is done for now with Twin Peaks and, depending on how you wish to interpret those final moments, the conclusion to Season 3 had a definitive feel to it that Season 2’s cliff-hanger lacked. Many theories cultivated in the aftermath of the finale have speculated that Laura and Cooper were in some way sacrificed to rid the world of Judy, so a new season could well leave these central characters behind and a new malevolent force would need to be instigated.



On the flipside, if Judy is still at large or managed to escape or beat the “two birds one stone” plan then a continuation would seem more likely. But, to keep any resemblance to Twin Peaks we know with the creation of the “unofficial version” of events and the new, barren reality of “Richard and Linda” would require some serious explaining, and that’s exactly the kind of thing Lynch wouldn’t be much inclined to give. Indeed, the hope of Season 4 being made to wrap everything up is a fatuous one. If another season does come to pass then it’s far more likely it will knock through the wall in the current rabbit hole to build a whole new warren.

This would be probably be warmly welcomed by fans who were so enamoured by how alien Season 3 felt at times, but to others who desperately clung to the scraps of familiarity present in The Return would likely be left empty-handed this time around. Obviously, there were several sub-plots left unresolved in Season 3 (Audrey’s fate, Red’s plans for Sparkle, etc) that could be renewed, but that would feel like filling in the gaps rather than moving matters forward. Going off current form, it would be far more savvy to assume that Season 4 would be just as different and removed from Season 3 as that was from its predecessors, which could potentially cause further cracks in a fanbase that just about managed to remain intact enough for Showtime to consider Twin Peaks: The Return a success (at least in terms of viewer figures).

That said, Twin Peaks significantly expanded its geography and history in the last season, so the potential for other stories and characters within this brave new world is vast without cheapening the climax of Season 3. Whether this would mean cutting itself from its roots entirely is another matter, but there would be no one better qualified to solve that problem than Lynch and Frost. Ultimately, our fingers remain crossed that more Twin Peaks could be coming our way in the future, but if it doesn’t, Season 3 has left us with more than enough mysteries and enigmas to keep us occupied for a lifetime.


What are your thoughts and hopes for a new season of Twin Peaks? Let us know below and please feel free to comment, share, and like.


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One thought on “Twin Peaks Season 4 is a Possibility, But is it Necessary?

  1. Yes it’s necessary! Are you kidding me? It’s not just a matter of the ending needing a clearer resolution, it’s the fact that they brought up and then dropped multiple story threads throughout the course of the season, as if they were trying to get renewed for another.

    And the scary part it is, if they don’t get started on this soon, there’s a chance Michael Horse, Grace Zabriskie, and Al Strobel won’t be around, because they’re all getting very, very old. It would be a tragedy if Grace Zabriskie’s last contribution to Twin Peaks was the suggestion that she was somehow possessed by an evil entity, and if that plot point was never resolved in any meaningful way, or even explored to begin with.

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