WTF Just Happened in Twin Peaks? Season 3 Episode 5

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 5 - BOB and Cooper

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

It was very much a case of more questions than answers in this week’s episode as few new strands were added to the plot, but those already in play have definitely thickened. Episode 5 was content to stay in the “real” world and follow up on events set in motion in the previous four episodes. 

Firstly, we did get some more background on the Nevada hitman as they contacted Lorraine (Tammie Baird) who then proceeded to pensively send an electronic message to a black box in a bowl. That the very same black box is contacted later in the episode by Evil Cooper suggests the assassins are either working for Evil Cooper or both are working together for someone else.



Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 5 - Evil Cooper


Speaking of which, the most intriguing scenes occurred in the prison where Evil Cooper is cooped up. First of all, we caught a new glimpse of BOB as Evil Cooper looked into the mirror as he asked: “Are you still with me?”. This means that the Daleganger is not being controlled by BOB constantly, which raises the pertinent question of what Evil Coop truly is. Is he just an inverse version of the goodhearted Dale Cooper exploiting his FBI knowledge and skills for nefarious means or, perhaps, he is the new embodiment of a certain other FBI agent with sinister ambitions? It might be a long shot at present but if Evil Cooper soon says “my name is Earle”, remember you heard it here first.


Evil Cooper also demonstrated some potent psychic skills by perturbing Warden Murphy with his “Mr. Strawberry” reference (a dark secret of the Warden’s, presumably) before sending the alarm system into meltdown with a phone call to that little black box again.



Turns out this box is in Buenos Aires and this has huge significance since this was the last known location of Philip Jeffries, who Evil Coop thought he was speaking to through another black box in the season premiere. The box in Argentina’s capital city promptly disappears and leaves behind another ball of gold -just like Dougie Jones did- implying this is another product of Black Lodge Inc.


Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 5 - Dougie


As for the late Dougie Jones, bemused Cooper is still shuffling around in his place. Seems it was a false dawn at the end of episode 4 for the Special Agent as he remains non-compos mentis and his fugue state is either still amusingly adorable or becoming tedious among fans. Regardless of whether he is testing your patience or not, he has picked up some nifty skills during his stay in the Black Lodge as he called out a colleague (Michael Sizemore) on his dishonesty (prompted by a green flash across his co-worker’s face).



Also, a gold ring that was given to Dougie by his wife, Janey (Naomi Watts), was found in the beheaded corpse from Ruth Davenport’s apartment, deepening the mystery with that case further and then some.


Ruth Davenport’s apartment came up again in the US Air Force office of Colonel Davis (Ernie Hudson) as Lt. Cynthia Cox reported that Major Garland Brigg’s fingerprints had just been run by the police investigating the murder of Davenport. According to Davis, this is the sixteenth time they have been found over the last 25 years which insinuates that in, someway, the Major is still with us and is possibly operating out of the White Lodge (we know he was taken there in the previous season). The alternative could be that the cadaver in South Dakota is Garland’s mortal remains but it’s just too upsetting to contemplate such a grisly demise for the noble Major.


Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 5 - Shelley and Norma


And we finally got to pay a visit our favourite purveyor of coffee and cherry pie, the Double R Diner, giving us a welcome return for Norma Jennings. Shelley has likewise kept up her duties in the diner and we got to meet her daughter, Rebecca (Amanda Seyfried). Sadly, it seems Rebecca is following in her mother’s footsteps by marrying young and to another druggy deadbeat, Steven Burnett (Caleb Landry Jones).


Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 5 - Dr. Jacobi


Also, we got to meet Nadine again who was watching Doctor Jacobi (now Dr. Amp, apparently) shamelessly hawk his golden shovels on the internet. It seems that the town of Twin Peaks hasn’t lost its seedy underbelly either as we encountered the extremely unpleasant Richard Horne (no known relation currently) in The Roadhouse as he bribed Deputy Chad Broxford before threatening a young lady. Such distasteful individuals aside, it was a true pleasure to see some more focus on the titular town and more frequent visits there in upcoming episodes would be most welcome.



What did you think of episode 5? Has Agent Preston spotted a vital clue in examining the fingerprints of Evil Coop? Will Andy and Hawk ever find what’s missing in the 25-year-old case file? And just how much of a bitch is Sheriff Frank Truman’s wife, Doris?


Be sure to check back here next week for our round-up and theories on Episode 6 and please Like and Share our re-cap of Episode 5 in the meantime.


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