WTF Just Happened in Twin Peaks? – Season 3 Episode 6

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 6 - Diane

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 (AKA “Don’t Die”) of Twin Peaks: The Return was somewhat of an intermediary episode, the likes of which can feel frustrating in this streaming/bingeing age with so many questions still left hanging from the previous episodes. That isn’t to say there weren’t highlights, though.  We were introduced and re-introduced to two of Lynch’s most famous regulars, a couple of incidents of ultra-violence permeated the malaise and Deputy Hawk finally found what has been missing for the last twenty-five years.


We Finally Meet Diane

Let’s start off with perhaps the most telegraphed revelation of Season 3: meeting Diane. The presence of Laura Dern in the cast list had led many Peaksies to speculate that the now seemingly ubiquitous actress would be filling the role of Agent Cooper’s tape recorder confidant, Diane.

After Albert had left us hanging at the end of Episode 4 with the teasing line “I know where she drinks”, the grumpy FBI man headed to the rain-soaked Max Von’s Bar (a Sunset Boulevard reference, it seems) and greeted a platinum-bobbed lady at the bar with the one name we all expected. The scene may have been brief but it is certainly a momentous one. Perhaps now she can help the G-Men figure out what’s going on with the incarcerated Evil Coop.

Dougie & Janie

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 6 - Dougie


As for the Good Cooper, he’s still filling Dougie Jones’ shoes in Nevada and he took another message from MIKE this week as he was told from the Red Room “You have to wake up. Don’t die”. How on earth Coops is still asleep after all the coffee he keeps supping is anyone’s guess. However he once again put his savant skills to good use in exposing insurance fraud in the case files given to him by his Lucky 7 Insurance boss, Bushnell Mullins.



Coop’s fugue state continues to surprise no one around him and no more so than his long-suffering wife, Janey E, who paid off Dougie’s debt all while lambasting the lowlifes threatening the family. There’s still something decidedly odd about Naomi Watts’ character in how she deals with and refers to Dougie/Coop, giving rise to the idea that she was the lady being paid by Vegas businessman, Duncan Todd (Patrick Fischler), in Episode 4. We saw the Mulholland Drive actor again this episode as he was perturbed by a red square ominously appearing on his computer screen, suggesting the Black Lodge has entered the digital age.

Carl Rodd is Back

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 6 - Carl Rodd


The other Lynch alumni returning was the magnificent Harry Dean Stanton as trailer park owner, Carl Rodd, last seen during the opening segment of Fire Walk With Me, just before Agent Desmond disappeared. Carl took a trip to the town of Twin Peaks and was witness to one of the most shocking events of the season so far, as Richard Horne senselessly run down a young boy in the street.



It seems Carl has some kind of Lodge connection as he watched the boy’s soul drift up past some electric wires, the telegraph pole of which was stamped with the number 6; just like the one where Agent Desmond vanished in the prequel. Carl also mentioned something about a ‘Linda’ on the way into Twin Peaks. Could that be one-half of one of the Giant’s clues from the season’s opening scene?

A Black Lodge connection?

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 6 - Richard Horne


The other half of the “Richard and Linda” cryptic pointer could well be the nefarious Richard Horne (we’re still unsure of his relationship to any of the other Hornes) who got himself all hopped up on illegal stimulants before committing infanticide. It appears the source of his supply may have a Black Lodge connection after the sinister leather-jacketed Red bent space and time with a coin toss. But even these two villains paled in comparison to the viciousness of Ike ‘The Spike’ who had two targets slipped under his Vegas hotel room: Dougie and Lorraine. Lorraine was dispatched in gruesome fashion in her office (alas, we hardly knew her) as the little assassin rampaged through the building with an ice pick. On this evidence, MIKE’s instruction of “Don’t die” to Good Coop will be extremely difficult for him to follow if The Spike finds him still in his child-like state.

The Missing Pages from Laura’s Diary?

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 6 - Hawk


Finally, Deputy Hawk had a moment of serendipity in the men’s room as he crowbarred apart one of the stall doors to find a handful of paper pages. Surely, these must be the missing pages of Laura’s diary that were presumably stashed there by Leyland Palmer on one of his visits to the station in previous seasons. Most significant about Hawk’s discovery will likely be that pages will tell him: “The good Dale is in the Lodge. He can’t leave” as Annie instructed Laura to do in her dream in Fire Walk With Me. In a slightly slow episode, this may be one piece of the puzzle that has finally fallen into place.


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