WTF Just Happened in Twin Peaks? – Season 3 Episode 7

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 7 - Diane

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

“There’s something missing… here”. After Episode 6 kept us in a holding pattern narrative-wise, Episode 7 (“There’s a body all right”) gave permission for several plot points to land in what was easily the most illuminating chapter so far in The Return. Likewise, Ep. 7 must have come as a refreshing relief to fans craving a genuine return to Twin Peaks, as the tone shifted into a decidedly more Peaksian affair with by far the most time spent in the titular town since Season 3 started.


Sheriff Truman & Doc Haywood

The opening scene showed Jerry Horne getting far too high on his supply; this is presumably an inconsequential side story but who knows at this stage. We were then given a rare scene of pure exposition as Deputy Hawk explained the recently found missing pages from Laura’s diary to Sheriff Frank Truman. Just as many had speculated, the party line is that Leyland Palmer stashed them there when he was arrested and the pages did indeed contain Annie’s advice to Laura about the Good Dale being trapped in the Lodge. However, there is still one page missing.

This led to Frank giving Doctor Haywood a quick Skype call (love that computer monitor rising from the desk) where we were given some proper insight into the immediate aftermath of Season 2. Now we know that the Daleganger headed to intensive care straight after the infamous mirror smashing and that Audrey Horne did survive the bomb blast in the Savings and Loans, albeit in a comatose state. It’s still unclear whether Evil Coop went there to see Audrey (and I’d dread to think why) or was perhaps en route to retrieve the Owl Cave ring from Annie, who presumably would have also been there after her ordeal.

Elsewhere in the eponymous town, Deputy Andy was following up on the tragic traffic accident from the last episode. He was hastily warned by the panicked owner of the truck to meet him elsewhere, away from his rundown farm house. The owner left Andy hanging as we also saw a quintessential Lynchian shot of the shack’s doorway, replete with his trademark ominous hum suggesting there might be some Garmonbozia-related activity taking place within.


Benjamin Horne Shows Restraint?

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 7 - Benjamin Horne


Staying in Twin Peaks but much later on in the episode, we got to spend some time at the Great Northern Hotel. Benjamin Horne showed admirable restraint in averting the obvious flirtations of his secretary Beverley (Ashley Judd), while they investigated a strange humming noise emanating from within the hotel. Speculate away on what could be causing it (Audrey’s hiding place; Josie Packard’s soul still trapped in the woodwork; a witty fourth wall break about Lynch’s sound design?) but the most significant find in this quirky scene was the arrival of the key fob Dougie Dale was clutching when he emerged in Nevada.

This put to bed a long standing fan theory that Dougie Dale’s story was taking place in the past, as the disparate plot lines are starting to be pulled closer together.

Dougie Thwarts Ike the Spike

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 7 - Ike the Spike


Speaking of Dougie Dale, we got to see a lot less of the former Special Agent this time around but our time with him certainly wasn’t lacking in impact. After an amusing scene where a gaggle of detectives questioned him about his missing car (yeah, good luck with that, officers), Ike the Spike attempted to carry out his assassination orders outside the Lucky 7 offices. Dougie Dale immediately leaped into FBI mode and forced Ike to the ground. This is all while The Arm screamed at Dale, “Squeeze his arm off” as the talking tree popped up from the pavement. We’ve come to expect these things by now.

In the aftermath, the police recovered a slither of flesh similar to one found in the trunk of William Hasting’s (Matthew Lillard) car during the season premiere. Is Ike yet another concoction of the Daleganger built for the specific purpose of tying up loose ends in Vegas?

Diane: a ferocious alcoholic swearing like a dock worker

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 7 - Diane


The real highlight of this episode, though, must surely be getting to see Diane (Laura Dern) in action for the first time. Many a fan was likely expecting Agent Cooper’s confessional partner to be some kind of sage oracle figure, so it was hilarious for her character to be revealed as a ferocious alcoholic swearing like a dock worker.

Gordon Cole decides to visit Diane, to convince her to visit the imprisoned Daleganger.  He begs Albert to accompany him; Cole clearly knew what he was in for. The agents and Diane set off to South Dakota on a jet where we learn that Cole was concerned about the Cooped up Coop’s “spiritual mound”. This goes back to when Cole said he was worried about how the Daleganger greeted him in Episode 4 and the Evil Cooper said “yrev” instead of “very”. This is by the second word of a presumably pre-arranged greeting to ensure agents haven’t succumbed to any Blue Rose influences.



Once they arrive at the prison there follows a chilling encounter between Diane and Evil Cooper that concerned a certain night where he came to her house. It’s not clear whether this was before or after Dale went to Twin Peaks, but Diane showed signs of trauma throughout the conversation so it’s likely it occurred after. When Cole tried to comfort Diane after the interrogation, she made it clear that the man she just spoke to was NOT Dale Cooper and that something was missing from him. She promised Cole to speak him soon about “that night” so hopefully we will glean more insight then.

Unfortunately for the Feds, Evil Coop has now flown the coop with Ray Monroe. This was after he blackmailed Warden Murphy over his suspicious past regarding a certain Mr. Strawberry and something about “three dog legs” containing information that the Warden doesn’t want anyone else learning about. Perhaps the Daleganger has been using these “dog legs” to create his human constructs, we’ll see.

What’s Going on with Major Briggs?

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 7 - Major Briggs


Finally, in what was a veritable orgy of an episode for developments, Lieutenant Cynthia Rox carried on with her investigation into Major Briggs’ disappearance as she visited South Dakota to view the body. Turns out that the middle-aged cadaver the police have isn’t old enough to be the Major, who would be in his seventies by now. The plot thickened even more as a mysterious tramp walked silently through the morgue’s corridors, seemingly unnoticed, in what was perhaps the most Peaksian scene yet in this season. Are he and the elevating/disappearing spirit from the police cell earlier in the series related? They were both black and oily. Perhaps they’re transient ephemera covered in oil from the Glastonbury Grove pool, moving between the Lodge and real world? 

As the episode closed with us watching a man taking an age to sweep the Bang Bang Bar (just get a bigger brush, man), this made for an apt metaphor for the intertwining narratives being brought together in what was arguably the most rewarding episode yet of Twin Peaks: The Return.


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