WTF Just Happened in Twin Peaks? – Season 3 Episode 10

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 10 ‘Laura is the one’ Recap

Season 3’s tenth chapter essentially picked up from where Episode 6 left off with a majority of characters and events from that particular episode featuring here. What Episode 10 perhaps lacked in mind blowing moments or major revelations (though it wasn’t entirely devoid of the latter) it made up for it some thorough developments for plot strands and characters who were seemingly getting left behind.

It also featured some of the most shocking and harrowing scenes of violence and unpleasantness we’ve seen so far. Suffice to say, Episode 10 was rife with so much Garmonbozia it would’ve had kept MIKE and BOB fed for quite some time.



What a Dick

We started off this week with the bad seed that is Richard Horne confronting Miriam over her witnessing his dabbling in infanticide back in Episode 6. Richard was perhaps already the most loathsome character we have ever witnessed in Twin Peaks but he truly excelled himself in such pursuits in this episode. After assaulting Miriam and leaving her for dead, Richard headed to his grandma’s house which finally confirmed his heritage that we had suspected for a some time now.

Richard Horne is indeed a ‘Horne’ with Sylvia Horne being his grandmother who is still looking after her son, Johnny, after his ‘accident’ in Episode 9. He needs her money to leave town and escape his imminent arrest and is seemingly willing to do whatever it takes to get hold of it. Richard attacks his grandmother to force her to reveal the safe combination, all while Johnny helplessly looks on as he is restrained in a chair to presumably protect him from his own actions and his ‘toy’ continues to blare out the phrase “Hello, Johnny. How are you today?”.

It was surely the most harrowing scene in Season 3 so far and one that had an almost Kubrickian air to it which was reminiscent of that auteur’s examination of angry young men, A Clockwork Orange. Also, given that Richard is a grandchild of Sylvia and Ben Horne this most likely means that he is Audrey’s son, though there is an outside possibility he could be Donna Haywood’s instead thanks to the revelation at the end of Season 2 that Ben was her biological father.



The Brothers Grim

In another nod back to Episode 6, we caught up with the Mitchum Brothers in Vegas. After much hysteria is caused by one of their Stepford Showgirls, Candy, mistakenly smacking Rodney Mitchum in the face with a remote control (don’t ask), the gangster siblings spy a news report on Dougie Jones’ brush with Ike the Spike. After the erstwhile Mr. Jackpots relieved them of over 400 Gs from their casino, the Mitchums’ ire was already burning in regards to Dougie/Dale but this was increased considerably later in the episode.

It turns out that the insurance fraud Dougie/Dale had unwittingly uncovered was to do with an ‘arson’ case at one of the Mitchums’ buildings which Anthony Sinclair (Michael Sizemore) was illicitly trying to push through for the tune of $30 million at Lucky 7 Insurance.

Anthony Sinclair has been charged with the task of eliminating Dougie by Duncan Todd, after Ike the Spike is likely to be indefinitely prevented from assassination duties thanks to his recent arrest. So, Sinclair insinuates to the brothers that Dougie is carrying out an expsensive vendetta against them. They begin to put a plan in motion to take revenge on Dougie/Dale.



Dougie Gets Lucky Again

Staying in Vegas, we got witness Dougie/Dale’s long overdue visit to a doctor. We can’t be sure what gym facilities were available to Cooper in the Black Lodge, however he looks in damn fine shape since his return from there. This did not go unnoticed by Janey.

Indeed, Mrs. Jones got quite a thirst on for her husband and took him to bed for some adult activities. The slightly dubious morality of this situation (can Cooper really give consent in his current fugue state?) was offset by the obvious comic tone of the scene.  However while Dougie/Dale got his rocks off, we’re still getting blue-balls waiting for Agent Cooper to regain his full faculties.



“That is Really Something”

And it wasn’t just in Vegas that love was in the air. We caught up with the Feds in South Dakota as Albert wined and dined his fellow pathologist, Constance Talbot, much to the amusement of Gordon and Tammy. But it wasn’t all fun and games for the agents in their hotel.

Later, Albert visited Gordon to speak to him about Diane and some trademark weirdness kicked in. As Gordon opened the door to his colleague, some footage of Laura Palmer from Fire Walk With Me was super-imposed on the screen.  It seemed to imply that Cole was having a vision of the long since deceased Twin Peaks teenager.

As ever, it’s unclear what the connotations of this vision are. Could it be a warning from Laura within the Lodge about the news Albert had, or Albert himself? Regardless, this was one of the few genuinely mysterious moments in a relatively straightforward episode.

The news Albert was carrying could indeed be of enormous significance.  He revealed the text message Diane received in the last episode was sent via a server in Mexico leading to suspicions over her alliances and motives. Diane also replied to said SMS with the message, “They have Hastings. He is taking them to the site” which means we are probably going to be seeing the place that Bill Hastings saw the Major very soon.

Furthermore, he showed Gordon a picture of Mr. C. in front of the infamous glass box in New York alongside a previously unseen man. While it could certainly be that the doppelganger is the mysterious billionaire funding the project in New York, it seems a little too obvious by Twin Peaks standards and there’s most likely more to this than meets the eye.



Meanwhile… in Twin Peaks

Back in the titular town of Twin Peaks, Chad was up to no good once again as he rather flagrantly intercepted a letter from Miriam about Richard Horne’s crimes. Not only is it probable that Lucy spotted his dubious actions but it also looks like the knuckleheaded officer screwed up the interception since the letter he stole had a return address belonging to “Miriam Hodges”, whereas Miriam’s credited surname is “Sullivan”. This could, of course, be a production oversight but it seems more likely to be Chad’s mistake.

Elsewhere, Dr. Jacoby continued his series of anti-establishment podcasts, much to the delight of his biggest fan, Nadine, who it turns out fulfilled her dream of owning a drapes store called ‘Run Silent, Run Drapes’, and we visited Carl Rodd in the Trout Trailer Park while he had his guitar playing interrupted by Becky and Steven Burnett feuding violently over drugs and money.

Also, Benjamin Horne argued with his (perhaps) ex-wife, Sylvia, over Richard’s earlier despicable actions. Meanwhile, his brother Jerry still can’t see the wood for the trees in the local forests.



“Laura is the One”

The most significant scene to take place in the mountain town, though, was another phone conversation between Deputy Hawk and Magaret Lanterman, AKA The Log Lady. The Lodge conduit gave us and Hawk a lyrical soliloquy about “electricity humming” and “the circle is almost complete” before it culminated with this episode’s sub-title, “Laura is the one”.

Yet again, it was both wonderful and heartbreaking to see the late Catherine E. Coulson in her most famous role once again.  Hopefully she will have at least one more appearance before Season 3 finishes.



The Sound of “Silencio”

After the Log Lady’s abstract pep-talk, we returned to the Roadhouse once more for our requisite musical number which was this time performed by Rebekah del Rio. The singer – sporting a very apt Black Lodge-themed dress – would have been immediately familiar to Lynch fans since she is the same singer from Mulholland Drive’. In the famous theatre scene, she performed a Spanish version of Roy Orbison’s Crying. And in case you were wondering, yes, that was Moby on guitar, who owes quite a debt to Twin Peaks himself.

So, did Episode 10 play things a little too straight by this season’s mind-bending standards? Or, was it a welcome relief to get some good old-fashioned storytelling in before we inevitably have to start dealing with other dimensions, talking trees, and doppelgangers again?

Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check back next week for our take on the forthcoming Episode 11 – “There’s Fire Where You Are Going”.

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