Top 10 Weird and Wonderful Twin Peaks Cool Stuff

In the early nineties, Twin Peaks set the bar for so many things other than cherry pie and damn fine coffee. And I’m not just talking kick-ass knitwear either… Ushering in the Golden Age of TV, Twin Peaks was a phenomenon. As with most things like this Twin Peaks spawned tonnes and tonnes of spin-off merchandise. Some things brilliant, somethings plain old weird. And somethings just plain bad…


We’ve put together a list of 10 of the best Twin Peaks cool stuff from the nineties and present day for you to feast your eyes on. Fancy snuggling up in bed at night with the killers of Twin Peaks on your duvet? Or perhaps a Black Lodge style rug to adorn your living room? Check out the list below for the weird and wonderful Twin Peaks cool stuff. Let us know in the comments what you think, or if we have missed anything you think should be on the list. And don’t forget to re-tweet and share!



The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer:

“She’s dead… Wrapped in plastic…”

Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

Unwrap the mystery of Laura Palmer by taking a peak (puns intended) inside her diary as written by the daughter of David Lynch – Jennifer Lynch. This diary (as featured in Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me) chronicles the formative years of Laura’s life from the age of 12 to her death at the tender age of 17. Uncover the secrets of how Laura went from a sweet innocent small town girl to the Twin Peaks bad girl we know from FWWM. This was essential reading back in the nineties. And it still is today. If you are a Twin Peaks fan and don’t have a copy of this already then shame on you. Get it now!

Check it out here: The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer




Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town:

Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town

Do you know how to get from Big Ed’s Gas Farm to the Diner? How about getting your hands on Norma’s recipe for her famous cherry pie? Or perhaps you are more interested in finding out what type of tree Log Lady’s Log is from (who doesn’t want to know!)?


This essential guide to Twin Peaks, its places and people is a must read for any TP fan. Full of interesting, weird and wonderful juicy nuggets of TP facts  – astound your friends with your amazing knowledge of all things Twin Peaks…


Written by David Lynch and Mark Frost, if you don’t have this in your collection then now’s your chance – get reading here:  Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town









The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes:

“Diane! I’m holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies.”

The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes


Who doesn’t want a look inside the mind of the ultimate G-Man? The affable, lovable, and brilliant Agent Cooper has his own biography. This is something I’ve recently stumbled upon that I never knew existed. This is a bit of a rarity – so something for those hardcore dedicated Twin Peaks collectors.


Starting with Coop when he was just 13 years old (can you actually believe he was ever that old?!) this gives us a great insight into the mind and world of the heart and soul of the Twin Peaks Phenomenon. Have a closer look here: The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes






Diane – Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper:


Diane - Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper

Another surprise was to find this little gem – the complete audio tape (yes tapes, I know. But if we’re old enough to remember Twin Peaks we’re old enough for tapes right?).  This has the complete collection of all of Agent Cooper’s dictation tapes to our dearest Diane. Not only can we hear some of his familiar and oft-quoted Diane-isms, but it also has previously unheard tapes too.


This is another Twin Peaks rare collectable for those die-hard fans. But it certainly is worth it. This is a real TP treat – get yourself some cherry pie, damn good coffee and fully immerse yourself in the Twin Peaks vibe whilst listening to Coop dictate to Diane.

Check it out here: Diane – Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper





The Black Lodge Art Print Poster:

The Black Lodge Art Print Poster

Ever get the feeling that your home just isn’t quite enough like the Black Lodge? Of course you do.


Well here’s a tasty little number to spruce up your pad with a touch of Twin Peaks class. Check out this super-cool Black Lodge Art Print Poster. Just don’t stare at it too long – strange things may happen…


Check it out here: The Black Lodge Art Print Poster







The Black Lodge Minimalist Framed Art Print:

Twin Peaks Minimalist Poster Framed Art Print

While we’re at it why not really add a touch of class to your home with this tasteful and minimalist Twin Peaks Framed Art Print? There’s something about this which really captures the essence of Twin Peaks and the mind-bending experiences Coop had within the Black Lodge.


The fact that the iconic red drapes are missing actually adds something to the image. Coop looks lost, small and vulnerable at the end of of this long corridor with no visible exits. Or maybe I’ve over- thought this one…? Either way I love it. Yet another great piece of Twin Peaks inspired artwork.


Check it out here: Twin Peaks Minimalist Framed Art Print





The Black Lodge Dreams Twin Peaks Rug:

Okay, so while you’re decorating your home to bring a bit of The Black Lodge into your daily life you might want to check this out.



This is a super-cool mega-tasteful Twin Peaks Black Lodge inspired rug. Okay, so it is not to everyone’s tastes, but I still think it is worth a mention here for it’s tasteful design. While not being overly “Twin-Peaksy”, it still manages to capture the vibe of The Black Lodge – the red drapes and the iconic floor pattern.


Is your living room floor looking a little bare now? Is there an empty space screaming at you saying “Put a rug on me!” Or does your existing rug now look a little boring and lacking a certain mystery? Then check this out here: Block Lodge Dreams Rug


Be warned though, don’t spill your garmonbozia – it stains and may not wash out of this rug 🙂




BOB Made Me Do It! – Drinking Glass:

BOB Made Me Do It Drinking Glass

Now you’ve got your living room all kitted out you’ll want to sit back, relax and enjoy it – probably with a damn fine cup of coffee.


But what if you’ve had too much coffee? Here’s your answer. Get your mitts around these super-cool “Bob made me do it” glasses.


If you have ever needed an excuse for clumsiness and multiple spillages this is it – I didn’t spill it – BOB MADE ME DO IT! If you are a Twin Peaks fan and these glasses are not in your hand or cupboard right now then you need to do something about it stat!


Check them out here: BOB MADE ME DO IT!




Welcome To Twin Peaks Duvet Cover:

Welcome To Twin Peaks Duvet Cover

Right. So far we can read about Twin Peaks, we can watch Twin Peaks, we can listen to Twin Peaks. If you want you can also eat and drink Twin Peaks (Bob glasses and cherry pie recipe!). So what’s left? Well only one thing really – now we need to sleep Twin Peaks too.


Forget wrapping yourself in plastic – it may be warm, but it’s not comfortable. Wrap yourself up in this duvet cover instead. It’s much nicer. Check it: Welcome To Twin Peaks – Duvet Cover





Killer Twin Peaks Duvet Cover:

Twin Peaks Killer Duvet

Perhaps you’re sleeping too soundly in your Welcome To Twin Peaks Duvet? Time to switch it up a bit.


Shake up your dreams a little and bed down in this comfortable brutal-killer themed duvet. Guaranteed to give you nightmares. Not guaranteed to give you dreams about the Black Lodge – that’d be cool (or perhaps scary).


Make sure the last face you see before you go to bed at night is that of our beloved Bob. If you have a little accident in the night remember what to say – BOB MADE ME DO IT!


Check it out here: Killer Twin Peaks Duvet Cover




That pretty much wraps up our guide to the weird and wonderful world of Twin Peaks inspired paraphernalia. Anything we’ve missed that should have been on the list? Let us know in the comments below. Remeber to share and like it too!


Until next time Twin Peakers!

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