5 Twin Peaks Fan Sites You Have To See

5 Must See Twin Peaks Fan Sites

We’ve put together a list of 5 of the best and weirdest Twin Peaks fan sites you just have to see. All of these sites really capture the essence of what makes Twin Peaks great. These are the perfect way to kill time immerse yourself deeper in the world of Twin Peaks.



View original locations both then and now, original scripts, even the sheet music, you name it – thanks to some really dedicated Twin Peaks fans we can immerse ourselves in pretty much every aspect of Twin Peaks. Check out the list below. Remember to like it, share it and let us know your favorite in the comments at the bottom.

1: thetearsoftwinpeaks.tumblr.com



Twin Peaks has its fair share of emotional moments. And the inhabitants of Twin Peaks tend to cry at the drop of a hat. Be it Leyland breaking down in fits of sobbing when he hears a song, or Andy at pretty much anything, Twin Peaks is full of tears.




There are in fact so many teary moments Allison Scagliotti (twitter – @allisonscag) has pulled all of these special moments into a brilliant site: www.thetearsoftwinpeaks.tumblr.com. She has captured pretty much every sob, cry and single tear in the series. This is a must see.

2: www.enterthelodge.com



www.enterthelodge.com is a site quite unlike any other. Sure most TP fans will have read fanfiction online before. There are plenty of people who have written it, and lots of it is good. But the good folks at EnterTheLodge have done something completely different.



Picking up where Twin Peaks Season 2 finishes off EnterTheLodge breathes life back into Twin Peaks and its beloved characters through the medium of Twitter. Each character has their own Twitter account which you can follow to keep up with the story in real time as it develops. You can also quickly catch up on developments in the archive.




3: www.intwinpeaks.com



We’ve already had a full article on this brilliant site but it is worth another mention. Charles has visited pretty much every iconic Twin Peaks location since 2001 and put together a great site comparing the sets and locations then and now.




Check it to see what the Roadhouse looks like now, or the Diner. This site is a real work of passion by a true Twin Peaks fan and it really shows.

4: www.laura-palmer.net/webcam.html



Okay this one is a little weird, but why the heck not? A German website with live feeds to real Twin Peaks locations. I don’t really know what we could expect to see on these cams. Has anyone got the patience to sit and watch these until something does happen? Doubtful. But if anyone fancies giving it a go let us know how you get on! As well as this they also have a comprehensive episode guide, good photo galleries and a character guide.

5: www.glastonberrygrove.net



Last, but most definitely not the least is GlastonberryGrove.net. Named after the entrance to the Black Lodge, this site sums up everything that is Twin Peaks. It is weird and wonderful – full of surprises all with a great Twin Peaks twist. This site was clearly a labour of love. Not only is the content great, but it also looks fantastic – if it were still the early to mid-nineties…




The genuine retro look of this site actually suits Twin Peaks in a weird kind of way. Immersing yourself in the world of Twin Peaks on glastonberrygrove.net almost transports you back to the Ninties. It’s great fun and a must see.

Honorable Mentions:

Back to Twin Peaks - Twin Peaks fan site


We couldn’t really do a run down on the best Twin Peaks fan sites out there without giving ourselves a bit of a shameless plug. Back to Twin Peaks is dedicated to bringing you damn fine news, articles, and much more all about the return of the weird and wonderful show that changed television forever 25 years ago. With Twin Peaks: The Return delighting and mystifying fans and newcomers alike all over again on Showtime, our site is here to not only guide you through the new season of Twin Peaks but also to provide perspective on both the original TV show and the movie prequel, Fire Walk With Me.



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Have we missed any sites you think we should have mentioned? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to like and share it.


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