Twin Peaks Audrey Horne Halloween Costume

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes

Audrey Horne – Twin Peaks Halloween Costume

So, next in our series of Twin Peaks-inspired seasonal outfits is the Audrey Horne Halloween costume. Audrey Horne is the character girls want to be, and guys want to have. Her flirtatious charm & coquettish behaviour get her what she wants – whether it’s a job at her father’s department store, or the attention of a handsome FBI agent.



But under the ‘poor little rich girl’ appearances, is simply a teenager looking to find her father’s love & approval. However, she finds out that her father, Benjamin Horne, is an unpleasant & seedy character, who was more inclined to give his love to Laura Palmer.

Audrey’s appearance and character

Audrey may be the female style icon of Twin Peaks. With her cute cropped hair, gorgeous little sweaters, pleated tartan skirts & lovely saddle shoes, she’d look on trend now. Don’t forget the red lipstick and beauty mark near her right eye.



Her amateur sleuthing shows us she’s curious, and just a little bored, with her small town surroundings – a great example is the first time we’re introduced to her, and she derails her father’s meeting with potential Norwegian investors by blabbing about Laura’s death.

How to act like Audrey

Just add brazen attitude, a cigarette and perhaps a male friend to accompany you as Agent Cooper. Don’t forget to say, “isn’t it dreamy?” a few times, too. And sway hazily to music as if no-one is watching.


Twin Peaks Audrey Horne Halloween Costume


Tell us if you have, or are going to, go as Audrey for Halloween. You can post photos on our Facebook page, or share them with us via Twitter. We’ll try not to crush on you. Alternatively you can return to the main Twin Peaks Halloween costume page and have a look at someone else.

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