Twin Peaks Leo Johnson Halloween Costume

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes

Leo Johnson – Twin Peaks Halloween Costume

Leo Johnson is the major criminal element in Twin Peaks. Although his day job is as a trucker, he moonlights running drugs from Canada with the Renault brothers. The night that Laura Palmer was killed by BOB, Leo was having an orgy with her, her girlfriend Ronette Pulaski, and Jacques Renault.



This misogynist character would regularly abuse his wife for any number of reasons, both physically & psychologically. He attempts to kill her by leaving her tied up in the mill when he sets fire to it, but his plan is foiled and he ends up being shot himself.



He has to watch Shelly flaunt her extra-marital relationship with Bobby Briggs, and eventually ends up being enslaved by the escaped mental patient Windom Earle. So, you reap what you sow kids.

Leo Johnson Halloween costume – conscious

For the conscious Leo, you’ll need to behave aggressively and violently. It’s preferable if you have a friend who’ll go with you as Shelly so you can shout abuse at her and pretend to punch her (with her permission, of course). Carry a toy gun, and perhaps a few baggies of confectioner’s sugar which you can offer to sell to people. Watch out for the 5-0 with those though.

His outfit is pretty much a standard trucker/lumberjack outfit – so you may already have something suitable in your wardrobe. You need shoulder-length hair and preferably widow’s peaks. He does have a rather lovely crew neck thick woollen jumper, as an alternative. You’ll also need a air of 501s & some boots.


Twin Peaks Leo Johnson Halloween costume conscious
Twin Peaks Leo Johnson Halloween costume conscious


Twin Peaks Leo Johnson Halloween Costume


Leo Johnson Halloween costume – vegetative state

This outfit is the more fun one. If you can get hold of a wheelchair and someone dressed as Shelly to push you whilst you loll, all the better. You’ll need to remember to dribble occasionally, and make the odd lurch at people when they least expect it.


Twin Peaks Leo Johnson Halloween costume catatonic vegetative


Twin Peaks Leo Johnson Cata Halloween Costume


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