Twin Peaks Log Lady Halloween Costume

Twin Peaks Log Lady Halloween costume

The Log Lady – Twin Peaks Halloween Costume

The most tongue-in-cheek (and probably most comfortable) of our Twin Peaks outfits series is the Log Lady Halloween costume. The beloved and mysterious Log Lady had an intriguing epithet for the start of Twin Peaks episodes, and always gave us the impression that her log know whodunnit.



Also a good outfit as she’s easily recognisable to anyone who has even a passing interest in Twin Peaks. It’s also a pretty easy costume; unless you live next to a sawmills, the trickiest bit is the log.

The Log Lady’s appearance and character

The Log Lady’s real name is Margaret Lanterman, and she has a psychic connection to her log. Most of the town dismiss her as mental, however Sheriff Truman & Hawk recognise her abilities. Hawk even says that the log holds many spirits within it. She appears to be a conduit for communicating with the other, supernatural realms in the series. She introduces each episode with mystical, enigmatic-sounding snippets.

How to act like the Log Lady

If you can master the Log Lady’s unique speaking manner, you’re onto a winner. Try  to talk in abstract terms, and mention fire, mirrors and dreams/nightmares a lot. And don’t forget to stroke your log (that’s not a euphemism). Keep a straight and serious face, and look deeply into everyone’s eyes as if you can see into their souls…


The Log Lady Halloween Costume

Twin Peaks Log Lady Halloween costume

Twin Peaks Log Lady Halloween Costume

Are you going for the Log Lady as your outfit this year? Or maybe you’ve nailed it previously. We want to see. You can post pics on our Facebook page, or share them with us via Twitter. . From here you can return to the main Twin Peaks Halloween costume page and look at someone else.

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