Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes

My favorite holiday is, and always has been, Halloween. As a a kid it was the candy and the dressing up, and as an adult it’s… well, still the candy and the dressing up, but with added booze. So what better way to celebrate the return of the best TV show ever, than by going for a Twin Peaks Halloween costume?



I’ll tell you how – by having an entirely Twin Peaks-themed Halloween party, that’s how. Regardless of whether it’s an all-out Peaksfest you’re attending, or just your garden variety Halloween party, we’ve done you a solid. We’re giving you a comprehensive list of the best characters to dress up as, and ideas on how to achieve it. You can buy us a cup of Joe.

Mr C Twin Peaks Halloween costume

Mr C Halloween costume


Going as Twin Peaks’ Mr C for Halloween would be pretty awesome. And it’s not a hard one to pull off. Check out our suggestions for your Halloween costume and styling and make yourself the one all the cool kids want their photo taken with.


Diane Twin Peaks Halloween costume

Twin Peaks Diane Halloween costume


Diane is the coolest new character from season three of Twin Peaks. Well obviously she’s not new, but seeing her is new – and what a treat that is. Her bold style and fearless delivery make an exciting prospect for your Twin Peaks Halloween costume.

Laura Palmer Twin Peaks Halloween Costume – Wrapped in Plastic

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes


Perhaps you want to go for the iconic femme fatale herself for your outfit? Laura Palmer is mysterious, dangerous, troubled, but caring.  We’ve got great ideas for a costume for her both in spirit form in the Black Lodge, and deceased, wrapped in plastic.


Madeleine (Maddy) Ferguson Twin Peaks Halloween Costume

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes


Laura’s demure cousin Maddy comes to visit Twin Peaks after Laura’s death.  This outfit is a little offbeat for a mainstream Halloween party as you can guarantee most people won’t get it, but for a Twin Peaks-themed party, it’d be an interesting, less obvious choice.

Audrey Horne Halloween Costume

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes


She’s the mischievous, yet meticulously dressed amateur Sherlock, prone to getting what she wants & getting into trouble. If you want to go for an outfit you could just as easily wear on a standard day at school or the office & look chic as, this is the costume for you.

Shelly Johnson Halloween Costume

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes


You gotta be a bit careful if you go for Shelly – at a regular party, you could just be mistaken for the staff. We’ve got ideas on how to avoid people asking you for a rum & coke.

Log Lady Halloween Costume

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes


If you live somewhere cold, this could be a winning costume for you. We’ve got some awesome suggestions, including your log substitute & the name of that thing she wears around her collar…

Agent Dale Cooper Halloween Costume

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes


Smart, dashing & intuitive – that’s our Dale. But how to pull off that cherry pie-eating, black coffee-drinking demeanor? We’ll let you know how.

BOB Halloween Costume

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes


If you’re thinking of going for a Halloween costume that’s actually frightening, then BOB’s your malignant, body-snatching spirit. It’s also a fairly straightforward one to do, Killer Bob having a somewhat conservative style for an entity of evil.

Sheriff Harry Truman Halloween Costume

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes


Sheriff Harry Truman is the handsome everyman of Twin Peaks. He may be a donut-lovin’ small town cop, but he’s also open to Coop’s out-there mystery solving techniques. He’s got a nice warm outfit if your All Hallow’s Eve party is outside.

Leo Johnson Halloween Costume (conscious & catatonic!)

Twin Peaks Halloween Costumes


Leo Johnson is the misogynist criminal scumbag of the town who had a hand in Laura’s death, but does get his comeuppance – in a variety of rather brutal ways. You can go for awake Leo Johnson for your outfit, or, and much more fun, you can go as vegetative state, catatonic Leo. Wheelchair optional.

Follow the links above to find out how to dress up as your favorite Twin Peaks characters. We want to see your Twin Peaks Halloween costumes too – share them with us on Twitter @BackToTwinPeaks, or on And let us know what you think of our costume ideas.

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