Twin Peaks Killer Bob Halloween costume

Twin Peaks Killer Bob Halloween costume

Twin Peaks BOB Halloween Costume

BOB, or Killer Bob, is an evil spirit who inhabits Leland Palmer, Laura’s father, and drives him to kill her. Possibly a man who knew Leland Palmer as a child, Bob has inhabited him ever since.



He thrives on forcing his vessel to commit brutal acts such as rape and murder, and he also enjoys pulling scary faces. Bob can control owls and see through their eyes, too. What a guy! If you get your Twin Peaks Killer Bob Halloween costume right, you can go to your Halloween party looking like a super on-point cultural reference, and an ultimate hipster, at the same time. Wins all round.

BOB’s appearance and character

Bob only appears in visions to begin with, doing creepy stuff like climbing over sofas and peering through bed frames. He’s an inhabitant of the Black Lodge, and feeds off pain & suffering – known as ‘garmonbozia’.

Garmonbozia looks like creamed corn in our realm, so consider bringing some of that along to add a little ‘wtf’ to your costume. He has some excellent gray stubble, so you may have to draw that on.


How to act like BOB

Bob has a habit of peering creepily into mirrors, and leering sideways at people whilst laughing maniacally. You’ll need some furniture to crawl over or look out from behind.


Twin Peaks Killer Bob Halloween Costume


Let us know if you are planning on or have dressed up as Killer Bob. We want to see your costumes! You can post them at on our Facebook page, or share them with us via Twitter. Just try not to be too frightening. Or, if BOB isn’t your style, you can return to the main Twin Peaks Halloween costume page and look at someone else.

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