Twin Peaks Mr. C Halloween Costume

Mr C Halloween costume

Twin Peaks Mr C Halloween Costume

We’re so excited to be updating our super popular Halloween outfit articles with characters from the return. Let’s kick off with our Mr C Halloween costume. He’s the guy we all love to hate – twisted, dark (figuratively and literally) and the antithesis of all that is our beloved Coop.



However, as he inhabits Agent Dale Cooper’s body, he has his memories and lightening-fast FBI-honed reactions. Bad Coop is a pretty tough cookie to assassinate, as those pesky Woodsmen keep popping up and resurrecting him.

Mr C’s appearance and character

Mr C Halloween costume


Mr C’s look seems to be greasy cowboy – not unlike Sailor in Wild at Heart. He has a dark, orangish hue to his skin tone, that only seems to get darker as the season progresses. Bad Coop goes in for long, lank hair tied back in a half-pony with some kind of Native American-looking thing. He wears a black leather jacket, snake-print shirt and cowboy boots.



Mr C has very dark irises – like bottomless pools. He walks with a very confident stride. And woe betide anyone who thinks they can match Mr C in an arm wrestle. He has no qualms about ultra-violence, or offing long-lost family members to serve his own interests.

How to act like Mr C

Stare people straight in the eye, as if you’re looking into their souls. You don’t need to raise your voice, because you’re malevolent enough without resorting to petty shouting. Carry your gun at all times, do not be afraid to whip it out and feel free to (pretend!) to abuse women. And arm wrestle big men. Or mush their face with one hand. Just be super intense about it.


Twin Peaks Mr C Halloween Costume


We’ll be adding our costume guides to the other best new characters shortly, so keep checking back. Planning your own nightmarish Mr C Halloween costume? We’d love to see it. You can post photos on our Facebook page, or share them with us via Twitter. Alternatively you can return to the main Twin Peaks Halloween costume page and have a look at someone else.

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