Highlights From Executive Producer Sabrina Sutherland’s Reddit Q&A

Twin Peaks Executive Producer Sabrina Sutherland Opens Up on Reddit: “I Am 100% Satisfied With The Film As-Is”


As we all know, the final curtain came down last Sunday. Our favorite show is over, but undoubtedly it will keep “the conversation lively” for the years to come. People are still debating over the ambiguous ending, as “What year is this?” has become the new “How’s Annie?”. Some fans are happy with the final product, some are frustrated by the lack of answers, but everyone is beginning to suffer early withdrawal symptoms. What’s going to become of our Sunday evenings now?



Luckily, Sabrina Sutherland filled this void yesterday. The executive producer and longtime Lynch collaborator has taken over an AMA session on Reddit. Fans were able to ask their questions and Sabrina politely answered. Among other things, she discussed the process of creating the show, how it feels like working with David Lynch, what’s next, and why some cast members didn’t return.

Mrs. Sutherland has been working side-by-side with Lynch since 1991: “I met him during the second season of Twin Peaks when I worked as the production coordinator” she says “It was an honor just to be on a show that he helped create”. 25 years later, Sabrina stepped up as the executive producer for the iconic show’s return.

What was it like to put Season 3 together?

“I worked every day with David to make sure everything he envisioned made it onto the screen. Since David was the lone approver of everything, all things pretty much funneled through me. I worked through all pre-production, production, post-production and delivery. This season was run completely differently from the original. We shot it like a giant 18-hour film. This was not TV in the usual sense. We are so lucky that Showtime understood David’s viewpoint. I am 100% satisfied with the film as-is”

Sabrina also opened up on fan theories circulating online. She thinks they’re “all great and worthwhile”, although she debunked the rumor that part 17 and 18 are to be watched in synch: “This is definitely not the way to watch these parts”.



Then, Sutherland let us know that Michael Ontekean was “unable to join us” for personal reasons, that Bowie gave them “permission to use his clips”, that “Donna didn’t work out this season”, that Lynch “loves Michael J. Anderson and wanted him on the show, but Micheal declined the offer” and that “the script did not have Annie included”.

And now, what’s next?

“We’re still delivering final elements of this season, so it’s too early for me to even think about a possible season 4. There certainly will be a Blu-ray, and based on the previous release from CBS, one can assume it will be special. More details will be forthcoming in the near future”.

What about The Final Dossier?

“It’s completely Mark’s book. David and I do not know what it will contain. David has not even read The Secret History: this is Mark’s vision of Twin Peaks”.

For further insights, you can check out all of Sabrina’s statements here. Also, feel free to leave a comment, like or share. Thank you!

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