Twin Peaks Season 3 - The Return

Twin Peaks Season 3 Reception – So Far…

How Has Twin Peaks Season 3 Been Received So Far? 8 Episodes in, does Twin Peaks ‘The Return’ satisfy its 25 year expectations? ‘Twin Peaks The Return’ is in its mid season break! Left with the horrifyingly beautiful and thought provoking aftertaste of episode 8, we finally have some time to mentally process what we’ve […]

Should We Be Worried About Twin Peaks Season 3?

Do We Need to be Worried About Twin Peaks Season 3?

Obviously we are all really excited about Twin Peaks Season 3. But maybe we should be a little bit worried too. Ever since it was announced a couple of years ago that David Lynch and Mark Frost were returning to the weird and wonderful world of Twin Peaks, fans all over the world have been […]

Picture of BOB Twin Peaks Season 3

6 Key Characters Returning in Twin Peaks Season 3

Reacquaint yourself with the 6 key characters returning in Twin Peaks Season 3. Despite Twin Peaks being mostly recognised for its unapologetic surrealism and outlandish plots and mythology, there can be little argument about what truly made the show tick: its characters. As varied, weird, and quirky as the happenings around them (people are the […]

New Twieaser

New coffee-themed Twin Peaks teaser for Showtime’s bingewatch

So it feels like the pace is gathering in the run-up to series three of Showtime’s Twin Peaks. There’s been semi-regular teaser trailers on Showtime’s YouTube page, and on their Facebook page. One shows behind the scenes & the actors, and one was teaser clips of the landscape and Agent Cooper. One was even just […]

beginners guide to twin peaks

Beginners Guide to Twin Peaks

Beginners Guide To Twin Peaks, a television landmark Our beginners guide to Twin Peaks is essential reading for anyone delving into this strange world for the first time. Preparations are now in full swing for the arrival of the oh-so-longly awaited continuation of one of the most celebrated and seminal TV shows ever broadcast. So […]

New Twin Peaks trailer season 3

Agent Cooper emerges from the dark in new Twin Peaks trailer

Every time a new Twin Peaks trailer is released by Showtime, our collective heart rates race just a little. What are we going to learn this time? Who is going to be in it? Will anything new be revealed?   New Twin Peaks trailer for Season 3 So we all got a little excited last week […]

Twin Peaks Posters

Twin Peaks Canvas Wall Art – 12″ x 16″
Twin Peaks Tarot Card Poster – 12×18
Twin Peaks Wanted BOB Poster 12×18″
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Movie Poster (1992)
Twin Peaks Agent Dale Cooper – Original Art Poster Print