Twin Peaks News Round-Up: September 29th, 2017

Twin Peaks News

Twin Peaks News Round-Up

Here’s our Twin Peaks News Round-Up for September 29th, 2017. Welcome back to your weekly dose of Twin Peaks updates! The series may be over, but the interest and frenzy over our favorite town is not. Here’s what happened this week.



1 – Kyle MacLachlan and Judi Dench in the Red Room


Kyle MacLachlan appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”. Before the interview, he took part in this hilarious skit with the host and with guest Judi Dench.

You might want to check it out! This is the first time ever that Kyle/Dale speaks in reverse in the Red Room, paying tribute to the “Sometimes my arms bend back” line and to the iconic Laura scream.

This is also the first time that we see Judy in person… and she is not an evil entity… she’s actually none other than actress Dame Judi Dench. So, all in all, “we’re gonna talk about Judy”.

2 – David Lynch and Mark Frost sign Twin Peaks-related items!

David Lynch and Mark Frost


On September 22nd, David Lynch appeared at Amoeba Music in Hollywood to sign the recently-released Twin Peaks soundtrack albums. Fans in attendance stood in line for hours and eventually managed to meet their favorite director. Mr. Lynch was escorted by producer Sabrina Sutherland and the two did some promotion for the upcoming Festival of Disruption, too.



But those who didn’t make it to Hollywood might still have the chance to get hold of the upcoming “The Final Dossier”. In fact, VJBooks is currently giving out a limited number of copies (, all signed by author Mark Frost. The book will be available in stores on October 31st.

3 – Cinematographer Peter Deming discusses Twin Peaks: “There’s no real explaining of narrative at all”

Peter Demming DP Twin Peaks


Twin Peaks cinematographer and longtime Lynch collaborator Peter Deming recently sat down for a talk ( and opened up on the process of building such a complex show.

He stated:

I didn’t have a lot of prep time to prep 500 pages of material, but even if I had at certain point in the shooting you’re not really sure – besides a scene number – where you are in the story. There’s no real explaining of narrative at all. You don’t really go out of your way stylistically to make connections between scenes, unless there was something David wanted to connect. The set you are being presented with is also David’s creation and he’s well aware of that. He’s extremely detailed about everything that is in frame, having picked it himself – as to whether the scene is dark or rich with color and the mood itself.

This is why – Deming states – Lynch wanted the iconic locations of Twin Peaks to maintain the warmth and saturation of the original run, whereas the rest of the world was either darker or lighter.

The process of shaping the mood was also helped by the use of Arri Amira cameras, which are mainly used for documentaries. Such cameras basically simulate the outcomes of the digital ones used by Lynch on “Inland Empire”, while offering the chance to post-produce special effects in a much easier way.


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