Twin Peaks at the San Diego Comic-Con

Twin Peaks San Diego Comic-Con 2017

The Twin Peaks panel is back at the San Diego Comic-Con

“It is happening again”: a Twin Peaks panel is back at San Diego Comic-Con, one of the most famous entertainment conventions in the world. Last time was July 20th, 2014: actress Kimmy Robertson and producers Ken Ross, Brian Kursar, David Grant, Charles de Lauzirika and Ryan Adams attended to discuss the highly- anticipated release of “Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery” Blu-ray box-set.



And 3 years later – July 21st, 2017 – almost 6,100 people gathered in the large Hall H to meet the cast of season 3. The audience was welcomed by THE David Lynch himself, who treated his fans to this special video:


Moderator Damon Lindelof (also co-creator of shows such as “Lost” and “The Leftovers”) then proceeded to introduce Kyle McLachlan, Dana Ashbrook, Kimmy Robertson, Everett McGill, James Marshall, Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Matthew Lillard and Don Murray. The cast shared stories about their involvement in the season and their previous collaborations with David Lynch.

Twin Peaks Cast Q&A session

They also discussed how it felt like to work on such an iconic, trend-setting show. Eventually, they engaged in a Q&A session with the audience. You can watch the entire panel here:

Twin Peaks on WOWOW Prime…

But it’s not over yet! The buzz and the excitement for Twin Peaks is spreading all around the world. A few weeks before Comic-Con, Kyle McLachlan attended the Japanese launch of the “WOWOW Prime” channel 2017 line-up – the highlight of which is, of course, Twin Peaks season 3.



Now, keep in mind that the show has always been huge in Japan ever since the beginning of season 1. Actually, the genuine mania over Twin Peaks is what prompted the world premiere of “Fire Walk With Me” to be hosted in this country. No wonder, then, that over 2.8 million people have already subscribed to watch season 3, eager to be back to their favorite town. David Lynch prepared a special message for them as well:

How about a Twin Peaks Themed Bento Box?

And Mr. McLachlan seems to love his Japanese fanbase too! Being the good sport he is, he treated his fans to a brief video recipe. So, without further ado, here’s Agent Cooper making a delicious Twin Peaks themed Bento box lunch:


But now, what’s next? Well, rumor has it that David Lynch will attend the Rome Film Festival in person. His appearance is scheduled by mid-October. We definitely will keep you updated. So, please, feel free to leave a comment, share and like.

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